Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Thank You January.

I make TOO big of a deal about my relationship with January.
I really know that.
This year I have been out of control.
Sorry about that.
So here's a post about January goodness.
It might be short...:)

We finally celebrated these girls December birthdays...
better late than never.
Thank you January.

After two straight weeks of gray and rain, the sun finally came out.
Thank you January!

I have a plane ticket to visit this sweet girl on Friday.
Thank you January.

I have the bestest friends who worry about my January intolerance.
Thank you  Trilby, I mean January :)

I have a pretty awesome sister who made headlines today.
Thank you January.

My Book of Mormon class is back in full swing.
Thank you January.

And just in case all that goodness doesn't quite do it...
I'm rereading Hank Smith's happiness list.

And reading, for the 20th or so time, Elder Nelson's talk.

And listening to my new favorite song, wierdly enough called, JOY.

January joy. Can you feel it?