Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Little More Homecoming and a Sunday Dinner.

Last night was Springville High's homecoming...and Jordan's first date. So of course,a good aunt must document such momentous events.
They were by far the cutest couple in their group :)


And then today, after dinner Jordan took Angie's usual spot on the couch- all that excitement plumb wore him out!  
We celebrated Ashley and Christine's birthday.
Wow, Ashley is exactly double Christine's age this year!

Cassidy and Christine

We love having Lindsey with us now and she played a "killer" game of Killer Bunnies.

The best part of the Sabbath was attending the dedication of the Brigham City Temple. 
What a sweet experience and so amazing to have another  temple ready for service in Utah.

Hope your week is a great one...
Shabbat Shalom.