Saturday, September 29, 2012

Moving Day.

For the first time in 4 months, our basement is empty. 
And it's already feeling a little lonely. 
We have grown quite accustomed to having a little community down there,
  We are going through a few withdrawal pains. 
But the Cooks have moved on-
 and though they are just 15 minutes away, 
for two families who have meshed their lives for 4 months, 
it feels a lot further.  
I honestly feel so grateful for the opportunity 
to get to know and love those kids up close and personal. 
They used to be the cousins we barely knew,
 and now we probably know too much :) 
(Kidding of course...)

Here is what moving day looked like....

Two giant pods were emptied by neighbors who just showed this morning to see if they could help. (All that Utah hospitality helped to lessen the sting of the BYU /Hawaii blowout )


You might think that Zac is cleaning the kitchen...nope. Just scrounging up some grub...

The kids actually worked pretty hard, and took a much needed break in the backyard.

Will sent "Columbus" (Lego guy in a Dixie cup) down the river a few times...

...while Elijah caught "river monsters" for his Biology bug collection.

Alyssa and Beth doing what they do best: observing....

I am sorry I didn't get a picture of the woman of the house 
who worked the hardest of all.
She is amazing.

It's been a day and we are all exhausted. 
But tomorrow, we will gather again and eat Sunday dinner together. 
Sure beats having that pesky Pacific ocean between us.