Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Elijah Has A Job.

At some point in August, Elijah renewed his interest/obsession in making some money. He googled "jobs for 14 year olds" and soon discovered that he could apply with Provo City to referee flag football games.
"But, Elijah," we said, "You have never even played flag football."
"How hard could it be to learn the rules?" he poo-pooed.(Yes, that is a word)
He filled out an online application, clicked send, and that was the last we thought about it.
Until a few weeks later, when they called him.
For an interview. 
He was as cool as a cucumber.
He dressed in a white shirt and tie.
He got the job.
Lucky for him, he really doesn't need to know the rules.
He teaches"Smart Start" for 3 and 4 year olds. 
He teaches them how to hold a football, to toss it, and to run.
Not bad. He was excited to be earning a paycheck.
Until he lost his $300.00 retainer. 
Now his paychecks are mine.
Thank goodness for that day in August.