Sunday, December 22, 2013

Birthdays and Smiles.

Sunday dinner was a celebration of Bethany's 18th birthday. 
As per her request, 
I made Kathleen's chocolate cake 
(which really is just Kathleen's incredible frosting on a plain old chocolate cake). 
It was to die for, and yet Beth 
decided not to have a piece-
still trying to figure that one out...

 And as per Michael's request, I am noting that HE frosted it to this perfection...

 After dinner, we trekked to Temple Square 
with the Cooks to see the lights.
Turns out, it was a perfect night to do so. 
The weather was warm enough to turn the snow into rainish stuff, and so we cruised around without too many of the weather related issues that we have experienced in the past (i.e.frostbite). 
Weirdly enough, the one who got cold and headed to the car a little early is the girl going to RUSSIA in January...that's going to work out well, wink, wink.
To be fair, she opted to dress stylish instead of warm.

I love Michaela's smile in this pic!

And a Christmas miracle: Hannah smiled sweetly in a picture...

...and again (awesome Hannah)!

No problem with smiles here...

...or here.

This is not an authentic smile but we'll take it none the less...

And a two-thirds majority works for this picture.

And then, she's back.

Someone spent a lot of time sculpting this masterpiece in the parking lot. 
Is it my imagination, or does it seem to resemble Joseph Smith?

Between birthdays and temple lights, 
it was a beautiful night.

Shabbat Shalom.