Friday, December 27, 2013

The Night Before Christmas.

Christmas Eve was spent with Aunt Janis.
She loves to put out a ginormous spread and feed us until we are bleary eyed.
It just makes her happy.
It makes us happy too :)
However this year, we couldn't even make it to dessert, and that's saying something.
Janis deserves a big, huge award because she prepared everything with 2 broken ribs. Really.
We saw her cringing and wincing here and there throughout the evening. Not a good thing, but she insisted on carrying on.
Several phone calls prior to Christmas Eve could not convince her cancel. She's pioneer stock, that lady.
We did our best to help her prepare and serve, and when it was over, we cleaned til it was sparkling.
We then sat for awhile and reminisced about Great Grandma Brown and how much she loved Christmas. And the Gospel. It was a sweet way to end the evening. 
I am sure she collapsed as we drove away.
For as long as I can remember Janis has been serving us that way.
What a great gift she has been in our lives.
Thank you Janis for a wonderful Christmas Eve.
We love you.