Sunday, December 15, 2013

Utah Mormons.

Today, an out of town visitor commented that here in Utah, we tend not to reach out to others, and that we assume that everyone is Mormon and okay in life. Her final words were "Wake up!"

My blood heated a little and tears rose to my eyes- this week has been one of the hardest I can remember. Post-partum depression has glomped on to a dear friend of mine and she is struggling terribly. Her little family has become an extension of my own- we care for, love them and try our best to give mom a little relief as she deals with this new reality. I believe our lives have been woven together purposefully, and I love her and her kids like they were my own family.
I am exhausted and so is she.

I never assume that everyone around me is okay. What I have learned, this year especially, is that just about everyone I know, Mormon, or not, is dealing with something hard. And usually it's something really hard.

In our little community this year we have had more cancer than we care to think about. We have made dinners, quilts, phone calls and visits. We have cried with newly motherless children, and mourned with the family of a son who took his life. We have cleaned homes. We've collected food and money for those suffering, and provided Christmas for more families than I can ever remember needing help in the past.

And so I respectfully say to this woman,"you really have no idea what you are saying." For at least in our little community, we are exhausted in our efforts to reach out and care for others. Mormon or not.  But we do it gladly and with love.

Merry Christmas.