Sunday, December 8, 2013

Scenes From a Weekend.

Saturday morning was our last Christmas concert at BYU. 
Because Will has decided that he is going to grow up whether I want him to or not, this will be the last year of Spring Creek Choir. 

Let me tell you we have loved that choir. Each one of our kids was a devoted member. Some for the musical fulfillment it brings, 
and some for the social :) 
Whatever the reason, good things were learned and beautiful music was made.

I used to think that Will was tall until I saw him next to this girl. 
Yes, she is a 6th grader :)

Our wonderful choir teacher, Mrs. Gylseth...

It's worth pointing out: same uniforms for 10 years running.

And just because I can't seem to post without mentioning the love of our lives:
this dog LOVES the snow. He will fetch that silly ball as long as we will let him.

And this is the look he gives you when it's time to come takes a lot of persuading, and even some trickery, to get him through the door.

Last night he was out with Michael for over an hour retrieving while Michael shoveled and tossed, shoveled and tossed.

And so, between Christmas concerts, 
snow shoveling, 
and dog loving, 
all feels right with the world. 
Merry Christmas.