Monday, January 20, 2014

Awkward Family Photos...

I have found a treasure trove of scanned pictures on my hard drive. I honestly don't know how I got them but oh my goodness, they are something else. 

This was affectionately (?) dubbed my "Joseph Smith" look. It's really working for me don't you think?
Look at all of that 80's hair...

This is the longest I have ever seen my mom's hair. 
Isn't she gorgeous?
This was my "I have a mouth full of braces and I just can't smile" phase.
I have no idea who the gentleman on the right is...
I feel like he was a church official or something....

No words to defend this one.

Doesn't everyone have a photographer come and photograph a family prayer? Apparently the youngest three did not get the memo to close their eyes.

And seriously, before this photo I would have bet my life that no one would ever get my dad to pose in a Santa hat, with a smile nonetheless.

That's all for today. 
Just know that I have more where these came from.

And happy third week of January-
(if I were keeping track of each and every passing day, 
which I'm not...)