Thursday, January 23, 2014

Ode to Preppers.

 Though it seems that January has had a whole lot of nothing going on...
in actuality it's been a big preparatory month.

Michaela: Is SLOWLY preparing for her Russia adventure. She has completed her last day of work and is now gathering and packing. As a mom, I am a little worried about turning her loose in a foreign country. Especially after spending a week looking for her newly acquired, and yet missing, passport. Until one day, after several hours of overhauling her bedroom, she received an email informing all departing ILP teachers, that their passports and visas would be returned to them at the airport. YUP. She had forgotten that she turned it over to the program a month before. Ay yi yi!!!
But you should see her room....

Bethany: Has been busy preparing to come home. After a successful term at a Washington high school, she is heading back to finish up where she started. Lot's of good things have happened for her there. We will be forever grateful to the Woolf's and all the Washington cousins and family that made her  a part of their lives.

Hannah: Has been busily preparing to turn Bethany's room back over to her. On the upside, Michaela will vacate Hannah's old room, and she will be back to having sole ownership. Yipee!

Elijah: Has been prepping like a crazy person for his Pro Start competition next month. Every Tuesday and Thursday after school they cook for 2 hours, trying to perfect their menu. I am continually impressed with his mad cooking skills... The competition will be state wide and their meals will be judged for taste and presentation. Kind of makes me happy that he considers cooking, one of his hobbies :)

Will: He just continues to prepare to be awesome. I am not sure I have had any child so in love with life in general. Every day is a new adventure. What a kid!

And Michael and I: are constantly preparing for the next big wave to come...teenagers are like big crashing waves, slamming down on shore and quietly retreating, then slamming down again. Is that too harsh? Probably. Nonetheless that is what we prepare for :)

So, here's to February. 
Please hurry.