Sunday, January 5, 2014

Never Mess With Perfection.

Everyone knows by now that we have the perfect dog. He is, to quote Mary Poppins, "practically perfect in every way." We reeeeeeally had to rack our brains to come up with any fault. Seriously.

However, a little indiscretion has changed all that.

Over Christmas break, we invited another dog into our home.
Just temporarily, as we were prone to do before Buddha arrived.
We were known as the go-to dog sitters.

On Christmas Eve, Daphne arrived.

 Buddha was semi-tolerant. Every once in awhile he felt the need to put this bossy little 5 pound puff of fur in her place. She wasn't allowed to eat out of his bowl, touch his ball, or chew on his rejected bone. Everything seemed okay. He still got plenty of attention but she came on all of his walks, and demanded equal time from his family.

One week later she went home. Buddha has never been the same. He's needy and whiny and wants constant reassurance. He follows me from room to room and can barely ever relax. He whines and barks when we leave, and continues until we get home.

The worst of his new behavior is whining and crying in the middle of the night. Anyone who has woken me up from a deep sleep knows how pleasant that experience is. It has become just about intolerable.

Michael thinks he misses Daphne. I think we rocked his world with that little spitfire and he just doesn't know how regroup.


Any helpful ideas on how to get him back to normal-pleeeeeze let me know.

Poor Buddha and poor us!