Monday, January 27, 2014

Russia Bound.

Good thing I have done this before.
Sent a child off to a foreign country?
Not so much.
But I, myself, have packed my life into a single suitcase to live for several months somewhere across the map.

Second only to my husband and children, 
it's been my life's greatest adventure so far.
I would relive those months over and over if I could.

St. Petersburg is not Jerusalem, but some of 
the same lessons will be learned, I am sure.
Awesome lessons of independence, gratitude, and love for another people.
Lessons of tolerance, self discovery, and faith. 
Oh, I get weepy just thinking about that time in my life.
I'm so grateful for parents who encouraged that dream and helped make it a reality.

Funny how life always seems to come full circle.

Love you Michaela.