Friday, May 30, 2014

A Graduate, A Graduate, A Graduate, and One More Graduate.

In the last two days we have attended 3 graduations, honoring 4 graduates. 
To say we were a little bit busy 
is something of an understatement. 
But holy cow, we were excited to honor these guys.

First and foremost is this girl: 

We all let out a collective sigh of relief as Bethany walked off the stage with that little orange book...

Not going to rehash the year she (we) have had but lots of people deserve  shout-outs for their support, help, and most of all, keeping her hope alive.

Two great teachers deserve some credit. 

Miss Baker, her student government teacher...

...and Mrs. Penrod, her English teacher. 
Who not only was a great friend, 
but taught her to love Huck Finn. (:

 Grandpa and Grandpa Brown came to town ...

 ...and mom and Dad were ELATED.
(Especially about the end of the homework nagging era...)

 Beth's cousin Zachary also graduated.
(nice photo bomb honey)

 Zac is especially amazing because he was diagnosed with autism when he was 3. He has an incredible story of  recovery from autism. It's been a pretty awesome journey. 

Yay for us!

 The next day, Will graduated from sixth grade.
We are officially done with elementary school (sob).
He is such an amazing kid.
Couldn't be more proud of him.


That night, we attended Jordan's graduation from Springville High.
Seriously, Timpview should take a page from their book.
They keep everything short and sweet, knowing that everyone is just there to see their kid take that diploma and move on.
Can't say enough about what a good kid he is.

What's not to love here, right?
He's going to leave a big hole 
when he heads out on his mission this summer. 
By the end of the year we will have 4 cousins on missions....

And so the story of graduations ends here for now,
which means new stories are beginning.
More happiness. (:

And speaking of happiness, Michaela comes home in 3 short days.