Monday, May 19, 2014

Scenes From An Eleven Year Old Birthday Party.

Way back on May 7th or 8th, 
(See how I am too lazy to actually check for sure?)
 Jacob turned 11. 
Since then, he's had a few celebrations 
and I'm thinking this is the last!
For a couple of weeks now, he and Will are the same age (:

Jacob requested a cookie/ice cream cake because at his young age he is done with cake-cake.
(Somehow, this cake looks a wreck at this angle...)

Valentina was very interested in the cake proceedings...

Elijah was not.

Jake scored on water accessories.

Which they promptly took outside and began a water war.

Meanwhile, inside, Janis was working her magic on two stressed and exhausted teenagers.

Nothing like a Janis massage to relieve a little tension.

And there you have it.
Another Sunday birthday-
we have 3 more in May and then 
they just keep coming all summer long!
Have mercy :)