Friday, May 2, 2014

Another Post About Bethany.

Once upon a time, Bethany loved The X-Files.
Serious love.
A love I could not relate to, nor could I watch a single episode, but her father shared that love and they watched many a show together.
She had a crazy YW President who totally related to that love.
So much so, that she concocted a little plan.
If Bethany were to earn her Young Womanhood Recognition Award, 
this YW President would give to her 
her beloved Fox Mulder action figure.
Bethany was beside herself.
She was propelled into action...for a little while.

Fast forward 2 years or so.

Look who showed up on our doorstep today:

Yup, the man himself!

With a personal note and everything...

Kind of spooky, right?