Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day.

For the first time in our 14 years of living in Provo, 
we visited the Provo Cemetery on Memorial Day. 

It was beautiful.

We found our sweet neighbor who passed away 
almost three years ago, 
and several other friends we lost last year.
It's still kind of surreal to think that they are gone.

We looked for family names on the war memorials,

and found Clifford Burningham Jr.
We need to do a little research to see if he fits into our family line.
By research, I mean ask Janis...  :)

We also found the grave of William E. Berrett and his wife.
A little more research will determine their ties to us.
By research I mean ask my mom (:

As we read stories last night about my Grandpa Brown who passed away before I was born, my heart filled with love and gratitude 
for the wonderful heritage that I have. 
I especially love his life story because it is filled with flaws, heartache and suffering. 
He was incredibly human. 
But all of those things he managed to turn into 
triumph, strength and faithfulness.
It's a heritage that I am so grateful to pass on to my children.

On this Memorial Day, 
my hope is that they never forget.