Sunday, December 25, 2016

Chapter Two

I love my dad.
Over the years I have saved each and every letter he has written me.
Seven years in Africa gave us lots of opportunities for letters --
every single one was profound to me.
I don't get many letters anymore, the last one was a few years ago at Girls Camp.
I spent my solo hike with the sweetest letters 
from my dad and my mom. 
Saved those too, right in my scriptures and I reread them often.
Yesterday I got another one. Sort of.
It was email with a photo copied chapter from a book in the works--one about their time in Africa.
I read it and cried- just a little- cuz I'm trying to fix that problem :)
But it was beautiful.
I hope he doesn't mind if I share:

On this day that we celebrate the beginning of the ultimate sacrifice of a parent- 
I am incredibly grateful for a father who taught me to love my Heavenly Father and Savior,
not only in word, but mostly in deed. 
I give you an A+ too.
Love you Dad.