Saturday, December 31, 2016

Names and Stuff :)

I have made a few gaffs with the Christmas ornaments 
that I give the kids each year.
As in, I have given the same one to a child 2 years in a row.
Shocking, I know, given my intense attention to detail (that was a joke for my husband to chuckle at).
This time I did it with Hannah's gift from Santa--
but luckily not the ornaments ha ha!
(Because who doesn't want two Gregor the Overlander 
complete book sets, am I right?)
Have I mentioned how awesome being 51 is?
Anywho, for this year's ornament, 
I decided to commemorate each child's namesake.

Michaela Lauren, named after her father, Michael Lawrence, received this one:

Bethany Emma, named after her great grandma Emma Lavon, received this one:

Elijah King, named after my dad, Larry King:

Hannah Nicolena, named after her great, great, 
Grandma, Nicolena Hansen: 

 And William Michael, named after his great Grandpa, 
William Theodore:
 He was obviously named after his dad too, but Michael already has a namesake and so....

Yep, they have a great legacy of awesomeness to be inspired by.
I feel the presence of these wonderful ancestors of mine often.
They love these kids like I do.
And I'm grateful for all the help I can get.

Happy New Year.