Sunday, December 4, 2016

Monday Mike.

I started working at the new Provo City Center Temple about 8 months ago.
Lesser known fact: Michael works there too.
Just like the man, his service is a little unconventional.
Because his day job is so unpredictable, he is unable to commit to a regular shift during temple hours. However, he decided he would just start showing up on Monday nights to help clean with the assigned volunteer wards.
The first time he went, they shuffled him in with the volunteers.
Same with the second time.
By the third Monday, they started to take notice.
They began giving him "special" assignments, where he was unsupervised, doing a project.
And then one night he came home elated because they gave him a walkie talkie. Oh the joy!
Now, every week, he has a project- some that take him into the deep recesses of the temple.
Super cool to him. :)
They have offered him a permanent position, offered to hire him for money- yep, they love him.
But no, no money. He just wants to show up every Monday night and serve. He loves it.

A couple of months ago they made him his own badge:

And on the back:

Ha! And just so you know, Tuesday through Sunday Mike is just as awesome!