Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter On A Sunday.

Hannah and Will took care of the Egg coloring this year. Saturday found everyone gone but them. Much thanks to Grandma Tomi for hard boiling those puppies!

And obviously those eggs were promptly turned into Golden Rod Toast fixuns...

For Easter dinner, we headed to the Backus'. The Neeley's were in town so we had a bucket load of extra cousins to celebrate with.

We also got to celebrate Brady's 18th birthday. He is anxiously awaiting his mission call.
Ashely brought her roomate, Rachel.

Michaela was down for the wedding of her friend and joined us as well. I find it very disconcerting that Michaela's friends are getting married! How is that possible?
Brady and his mother (my sister).

Thank you Steve for being the only one who looks okay with me taking the picture.

Daddy daughter moment...

...and Michaela and Lindsey.

And somehow I missed pictures of Tyler and Camille, Janis,  Matt, Riley, Avery, and many others. I'm sorry, but they probably aren't!

And even though Easter seemed crammed in there right after St. Patrick's Day, I love the extra effort to ponder the Savior's great sacrifice together as a family. My love for Him is so hard to express, but every day I thank my Heavenly Father for the blessing of repentance. That in my imperfection I am still able to qualify for His grace and love through the Atonement. I love knowing that I am His daughter. It means everything to me.

Happy, Happy Easter.