Thursday, April 25, 2013

Ten Years later.

13 years ago when we moved into our home, 
our backyard opened up into a huge, spacious field. 
Three years later it became a school.

Last night we celebrated Spring Creek Elementary's  
ten year anniversary.
There was lots of singing by the choir (Will is on the far right, middle row).

They announced the winners of the Spring Creek essay and song writing contests- Will was so desperate to win an African drum that he wrote a song!!!!

He was one of three winners! And now that the drum is in our home, I'm not sure if that actually was a win....

We had cake and cupcakes and many of our retired teachers returned to celebrate with us. That's Bethany's second grade teacher, Mrs. Dorton, in the middle, and Elijah's second grade teacher, Mrs. Peterson, on the right.

It really was a great night.
Happy 10th Anniversary, Spring Creek.

P.S. And just a  little movie trivia: Spring Creek is actually the "hospital" you
see from the outside in the movie Forever Strong.