Wednesday, April 24, 2013


In a day and age where American exceptionalism 
is generally scorned and trodden upon, 
I love that Utah still loves and celebrates 
the most free nation ever to be established on this great earth.
Last week, Will participated in a program called Hope of America, where dozens of schools around the state sent their 5th graders to perform, sometimes cheesy, but always inspiring, patriotic songs.
The Marriot Center was filled to the rafters.

 There was a wonderful feeling of love and
 enthusiasm for what we have.
It also buoyed up my hope that we might be able to hang on to it.

It did my heart some good.

So if you haven't done so in a while,
read a little something about George Washington
 Thomas Jefferson or Abraham Lincoln. 
Remind yourself why this country is not only great,
 but divinely founded for God's purposes. 
No matter who leads this country
He is always in charge.