Monday, April 15, 2013

Really? More Birthdays?

With both sides of our extended families close by, it seems as if we are celebrating birthdays every week. 
If not every week, for sure every month. 
This month happens to be the first time in many,
many years that brother and sister were in the 
same state for their birthday. 
Kind of awesome.

Michael turned 46, and Laura 40-something :)
We had Chantilly Cake, in memory of Liliha Bakery back there in Hawaii. Sooo good.

Dad's birthday card was a tribute to the only joke the kids can remember him ever laughing at when they were younger. It was an epic moment in their childhood. (He had to go to the Bat-room.)

Oh, the contrast in gifts....

Zoey and family came to celebrate as well.

Zack wore a tribute to his favorite show...
...and honestly, I was just trying taking a picture of Malia when these goofballs crashed the shot!
So Happy, Happy Birthday Michael and Laura.
May this year bring much success and happiness.
We Love You!

Up next month?
Grandma Tomi, Judie, and Will!