Monday, June 16, 2014

Picture Perfect.

I love this picture.
Not because of the flattering backside shot 
in which I am wearing my husband's pants.
Not even because I am dancing with my favorite 12 year old
 and he wanted  to be my partner.
It's because this silly square dance made me sooo happy.
After a long day of trekking,
I felt elated and joyful as we do-si-do'd in the dirt.
It was happiness.
After we were done, I realized that even back home in my comfortable, clean life I hardly ever feel that kind of happiness.
I feel stress and worry, and busyness.
Lot's of busyness.
And I really am happy.
But I need to feel that kind of exhilarating joyfulness 
just a little more often.
Not necessarily in the form of square dancing-
or in my husband's pants.
But definitely more often.

I think I have a new summer goal. :)