Friday, June 27, 2014

Summer So Far.

Summer is rapidly slipping away, ticking like a clock on the move....
I can't decide if that makes me happy or sad. 
I always go through a learning curve at the beginning of summer vacation. Ask my kids-I'm like a crazy woman trying to find my groove. I am okay with kids hanging around taking it easy, but when that hanging around is always with their face in an electronic of some sort- I start getting makes me a little crazy. After a few weeks of adjustment, I mellow a little --
and do my best to find a compromise I can live with. 
And so here is the summer breakdown so far:

Michaela is home, and yet she's not. 
She has traveled to California and Ohio since coming back from Russia. We don't see a whole lot of her even when she is in Provo :)  Now that she is done traveling for awhile, she is job hunting. 
Fun times.

Bethany has reclaimed her job at Provo Beach Resort
She has decided to put her trip to China on hold-
still trying to figure out what she wants to do next...meanwhile, she has Molly for a few weeks to keep her entertained.

Yes, we are still in this phase...

Elijah secured employment at Franklin Elementary School this summer. He works on cleaning crew and loves his job. 
Especially the hours-8:00 -2:30, Monday through Thursday.
It doesn't get better than that for a teenager.
He is also "this close" to finishing his Eagle.
It causes me me great mental anguish to feel how close he is, 
and yet not be there yet. Ugh. 
He should have it done by the end of July. 
A mother can dream.

Hannah finds herself in summer limbo.
She is not old enough to work, but feels a little crazy 
about all the time on her hands. 
She decided as part of her summer goals to take up running. 
She goes faithfully every morning at 7:00 with Buddha, 
which is awesome because guess who doesn't have to get up with him now???? 
With her first year of high school on the horizon, 
she is not happy about summer slipping away.

Will is just soaking up every last minute of summer. 
Between books and friends and books and friends, 
there is never a moment lost.
It's great to be 12.

Michael and I are just trying to keep the plates spinning. 
So much is going on all the time - sometimes 
it seems that things will never slow down.
In August, we are taking the seven of us to Florida for some much needed Harry Potter time, with a little Disney World thrown in.
Yay for us. 
Until then, there is Scout Camp and Girls Camp 
and plenty more in between.
Ah Summer.