Saturday, June 7, 2014


For the past 3 days our family participated in a ward family Pioneer Trek. 
Some willingly, and some unwillingly in the beginning. :)
We drove just 40 miles away and hiked for 3 days
 pulling handcarts until we thought our feet would fall off. 
To the outside world, it's probably a little strange that we Mormons are so into these reenactments that honor our pioneer heritage. 
Why would anyone put themselves through that for fun? 
Actually, it wasn't fun most of the time. 
It was pretty hard and hot and dirty and exhausting.
At night when I crawled into my sleeping bag
covered in dust and dirt, the thought of getting up 
and doing it all over again was overwhelming.
I tossed and turned my aching body 
all night long on the world's most uncomfortable cot.
And when the sun rose, we got up, 
 loaded up our handcarts and trekked out again.
Somewhere between that first day and the last, 
magic happened.

So many lessons were learned in these past few days.
As I unravel 600+ pictures from my camera, I'll share a few.
But for now, my lovely, lovely waterbed is calling my name
 and I must answer.