Monday, June 23, 2014


 Sundays aren't always the day of rest that I hope they will be. Sometimes they are a marathon of meetings and then more meetings and then exhaustion. 
 But sometimes they are just perfect. 
Like this Sunday.

After attending a wonderful ward conference in another ward, I headed to the temple for a couple of hours before my family came home. I wandered around the grounds until I found the perfect spot in the shade under a tree. 
And then I read, wrote and pondered...
it was fabulous. 

We then had Sunday dinner at the Cook home. 
Have I mentioned Molly is back?
Her first words to us were, "I am so happy to be here, this is my favorite place in the whole world!" Aaaaaw.

After dinner, the puzzle person in our family heard the call...
We didn't leave until that puzzle was finished.

Others heard the call from the backyard playset...
and so they hung,

and climbed,

and swung (swinged?) to their heart's content.

The horses across the street literally called to us.
And who can resist that call?

They were so sweet and gentle-
and hungry...

And that kind of describes this boy too...
sweet, gentle and hungry!

There you have it-
a practically perfect Sabbath.
Shabbat Shalom.