Sunday, June 15, 2014

Some Truths On Fathers Day.

It's Fathers Day and in truth,
 I won the lottery when it comes to the Fathers in my life.

My Dad- 
he is truly an amazing man.
 He gets uncomfortable when his praises are sung 
but really, he is the wisest man I know.
I trust his life experience.
The best we can hope for is that we learn
 from the mistakes we make 
and the trials we have. 
He does both valiantly and I am lucky 
to have that wisdom passed on to me. 
One of my greatest blessings is to have him as my Dad.

My husband-
another amazing man.
When we first got married, I told him something like:
"Look, I plan on being in the Celestial Kingdom, 
with or without you, but I hope it's with you."
In other words, "Keep up buddy!"
Isn't that terrible? What was I thinking?
Having been raised by the man previously mentioned, 
I think I held the bar a little too high for my new husband.
But not only has he "kept up," 
he has surpassed me in so many ways. 
He is good, kind, wise, patient and serves others tirelessly.
Our family couldn't be more blessed.

And finally, my Heavenly Father-
Once upon a time when I was in college, 
my mom and dad moved to Africa 
and my older sister deserted me to get married (sob!)
I experienced a horrible/beautiful time in life.
I felt truly alone to my very core.
It was at this time that a beautiful relationship
 developed between me and God-
one that seriously kept me from descending 
into a deep, dark abyss. 
Not an exaggeration.
He worked little miracles that threw me lifelines-
 just when I thought I was surrounded by darkness,
a stream of light would penetrate through 
and He would remind me that I was His and I was not forgotten.
And though that dark period is long gone,
His careful attention to my life is not.
I could not be more sure that He is my Eternal Father
and that one day I will be with Him again.
And if my husband is lucky, he'll be there too.
Just Kidding!

Happy Fathers Day.
Shabbat Shalom.