Tuesday, October 4, 2016

A Change of Seasons.

Here is what I heard Pres. Nelson tell me at General Conference: "Brenda, it's time for your season of weeping to end."
I heard it loud and clear and I knew he was right.
I have been pondering how to accomplish that.
I'm pretty tied to my worry, sorrow, and heartache.
It's a fight--sometimes I win and I sometimes I lose.

Tonight in my religion class--Bro. Bartholomew taught something so simple and yet so profound.
I am not even sure I can put it into the right words because really it was a spirit to spirit moment...
and it resonated.
It was the answer I was looking for.
A lesson on focus and distraction that only the Savior can teach in a way that I feel so completely.
And believe so deeply.

Is there any doubt He loves me????

I think Thanksgiving has arrived ahead of schedule. :)

 Pres. Nelson's talk that was "just for me" here: Joy and Spiritual Survival