Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Labit Family Roundup.

It's time for one of these so here goes:

Michaela (pictured with her cuz Lindsey):

Michaela is in her second year at UVU. She has found her true passion in the Digital Media program there--her ultimate goal right now is post production video editing but has found many things she loves in that program. She is doing a ton of writing--screen plays, original scripts, etc. etc. She is a super talented writer and is receiving some attention for that from her professors and others. Recently, she and her friend wrote the opening monologue for the Glenn Beck program after the Orlando shootings. It was really powerful and he complimented them after delivering it. :) She is seriously considering, however, doing at a stint at Disney world next fall. Yay for free passes...we support her in that endeavor!!!

Bethany just returned from her second tour of China. She went to play but fell into the opportunity to teach again for the month that she was there. She definitely managed to play as well--Disneyland in Shanghai was a highlight! She is back now working at the newly opened Sodalicious in Springville and is planning to go back to school in January.


Elijah is attending UVU as well and is in the aviation program there. His goal is to become a commercial pilot. We are all hoping for that as well--lots of perks with a pilot in the family!
He is a stellar student and after a summer working the zipline at Sudance, he has joined Michaela at her place of employment, Get Out Games.  Not only will he work as a game master, but he will also work in the Zombie room as, you guessed it, a zombie... kind of takes you back to his Shakespeare days....

Caliban-from The Tempest...

Hannah is a junior and still Merit Academy--a charter school in Springville. She works part time at a grocery store and loves the independence that having a paycheck brings. If only it could bring her her own car...she is a super proficient driver and probably the one I have worried the least about on the rode (knock on wood now that I have said that out loud). She  is my right hand man most of the time and I love spending time with her. She loved our trip to Washington (pictured above) and whenever we get rain here, she is at her happiest...go figure!

Will just finished cross country season at Timpview. As a former cross country runner myself, I totally admired his commitment to the sport. Either it is something you love or it is something you endure...we are both endurers..but he endured well and kept at it. Proud of him for that and he has no
plans to stop. High school  has been as adjustment but he has done so well. Sure love this kid.

Michael and I are doing great- we love the religion class we are taking together. It is the highlight of our week. We should have done that long ago. We are surviving the new challenges that life is bringing us in this stage of child rearing :) We are glad to have each other.

And so: that is the round-up of life thus far. Good things are happening. For that we are grateful. 

Adios and amen :)

P.S. Soundtrack of the month--anything James Ingram. You might have forgotten how much you loved him back in the day. Sooooo good. :)

Blessed Assurance  ( a more current one from a gospel album---love it!)