Monday, October 10, 2016

Viva Mexico!

Just 2 years ago this young man left with much enthusiasm for his mission.
From the moment he got his call, it seemed that smile never left his face.  
Seriously though.
Maybe because of all that joy, some might have been a little worried that the hard work of a mission would be a huge wake up call. And as his letters continued to come without a word of discouragement, some worried that maybe he was faking it...for his mom? For everyone?
However, his testimony seemed solid and his expressions of that testimony were so real.
But could he really be that happy?
He returned last week with that same smile, that same aura of joy--it was real.
As stories of his mission have unfolded, lots of hard, discouraging things happened to him...muggings (thanks for hiding those stories) rejections, hard companions, etc. It was rough sometimes.
But here is what I know. Elder Paynter lived President Nelson's plea, his whole mission.
He found joy in the hardships because he was serving Jesus. True joy. 
To hear him choke up as he expresses how much he wishes he was still in Mexico, serving the people he learned to love so much, certainly tugs at the heart :)
That's the definition of the pure love of Christ.
Real, true, joy.
Yep. Elder Paynter is the real deal.
Sooo good to have him home but so glad to know he wishes that he wasn't.
That's a mission done well.
Viva Mexico!!!

Still smiling :)