Monday, October 24, 2016

Blessed Assurance.

Disclaimer: I know that my blog is becoming less about my family and more my journal. I am a little  uncomfortable about that and pondering what to do... When I sit down to my actual journal...nothing. When I sit down to my blog--well, it comes easily. Not sure about the reason, but I  know for sure that I want to keep a record of this time right now. goes another journal entry. 

 When I was in college, I spent a good deal of time 
camped out in the parking lot of this temple. 
Long conversations were had with just me and Heavenly Father. Lots of them.
One night, as I poured out my heart in some sort of college-induced anguish, 
I heard this sweet message:
"Brenda, I've done everything I can for you outside these walls."
I believe that "invitation" was the beginning of my anticipation and eventually my love for the temple. It was several years later that I entered for the first time and it felt like coming home. 
And it still does.

Saturday, as I struggled with keeping a check 
on my emotional stability :) --
I felt an urgency to get to the temple. Urgency.
And so I dropped everything and went.
He had a lesson for me that needed to be taught 
in my hour of need -and I was oh so glad to receive it. 

And even though I still have lots of long 
conversations with Him, filled with heartache and worry-
such power comes from being on the inside of those walls.
I can hardly believe how amazingly blessed I am.
True Joy.

And for real-- listen to this: Blessed Assurance.