Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Parable of the Toilet Paper.

A simple story about blessings-- in such a silly way that I am tempted to write it off as coincidence and move on.

And it just might be coincidence, except I have been asking Heavenly Father lately me to help me be more aware of Him and His blessings in my life.
Not because I doubt He is there, but because I want to be more grateful for the big and little ways that
He reveals Himself to me...thus toilet paper.
Last Sunday was a big day.
Elder Paynter's Sacrament meeting talk meant a family dinner later that evening, followed by a"welcome home" open house.
Bad timing for Angie to discover Sunday morning that she was down to a bare minimum of toilet paper.
Definitely not enough for the upcoming onslaught of guests.
And so she asked to borrow 2 rolls from me to get through the day.
The back story is that Michael and I have always prided ourselves in our substantial amount of toilet paper. Back when I couponed, I was able to stock us up on a good 6 month plus supply for minimal money. However, those days are over and concern over our diminishing supply comes up from time to time. We are weird like that...
However, 2 rolls was easy.
But when I went down to the basement to pull 2 rolls out of the 9 pack, the impression was to "give it all."
The whole pack.
It was a strange prompting and so, embarrassingly, for a moment I struggled with that.  
She only asked for 2, she only needed 2...my stash was low, but again, "just give it all."
So I took up the whole 9 pack and gave it to her.
She expressed that she didn't need the whole thing but I told her to keep it blah, blah, blah.
And that was the last I ever thought about it.
Until Thursday-
I was at Walmart and they were clearancing some toilet paper.
A good brand- at 2.00 for a nine pack. Normally, on the shelf it was 8.00 a package.
So I bought 14 of them.
Yay for me because those kind of deals bring me so much happiness :)
But it wasn't until I had stacked them in my basement next to my tiny existing supply of toilet paper that the bigger picture occurred to me.
That dumb little sacrifice of a package of toilet paper had come back to me more than 12 fold.
I felt silly for even thinking that those two things were related...Heavenly Father for sure didn't care about my toilet paper stash.
But He does care about me.
And for someone who has been so needful lately of reminders that He knows and loves me,
I was overwhelmed with gratitude.
Because I really am trying to "give it all"-- in much bigger ways than toilet paper generosity--and it was a beautiful reminder of the way Heaven operates.