Sunday, March 17, 2013

It's All About Kaitlyn.

 Today, March 17th, St. Patrick's Day, 
is Kaitlyn Cook's  Birthday.
And since I happened to be around in 
Honolulu, Hawaii  the day she was born, 
here is a little something from my sketchy memory.
She was born EARLY and therefore was TINY.
She was somewhere around 3 lbs. and had to reach 4 lbs.
 before she could leave the hospital. 
She looked like a little mouse-just cute as can be.
And because we moved from Hawaii shortly thereafter,
 that is all I remember about her babyhood.
Now we are lucky enough to have her teenhood right around us all the time here in Provo, Utah. 
And because Mom and Dad are back in Hawaii taking care of business, we celebrated at our house together today.

 For the birthday menu, she requested hamburgers 
and french fries...

...and pie instead of cake. (She was probably worried I'd attempt that Chocolate Wasted cake again...)

Happy Birthday Kaitlyn.
So "lucky" to have you here!