Monday, March 18, 2013

Two Weekend Tragedies...

Okay, "tragedies" may be too strong a word but nonetheless... 

1. Daughter number two was pulled over for the 3rd time. 
Not her fault and for the same reason each time-
a non-working tail light. 
She didn't have her license with her (again).
This time she was ticketed.
That tail light has been fixed over and over. 
We must have a wiring issue with our really abused teenager truck.
We also have  a "keep your license with you " issue.

2.My beloved Ipod, "Cranapple"  has gone missing.
Most likely at the Timpview lacrosse game on Friday. 
Curse that sport.
We have gone back twice to search-but no luck.
It's like a piece of me is gone.
Is that too dramatic?
If so, than I must be too attached 
because it feels as though it's true...
Conference, books, and podcasts have accompanied me on my daily runs, chores, and drives for years...
I feel a little lost.

I think I may have a date with Amazon in my future...