Sunday, March 10, 2013

Things worth blogging about though I have no pictures...

1. Beth had her first Lacrosse game of the season. They won. She scored a goal and has been on a high ever since. If I had a nickel for every time she has said "I just love Lacrosse so much!" in the last 24 hours....

2. Elijah had his first Lacrosse game ever. They won. He didn't log a whole lot of playing time, being brand new to the sport, but made an amazing interception.

3. Beth and I spent 5 hours shopping for MORP. We purchased items to complement her flapper dress (The Great Gatsby was the theme) and groceries for the dinner being cooked by the girls. Unfortunately, we neglected to bring the dress on our expedition, and nothing matched. Thus, we headed out again to return and repurchase. She and I were somehow able to remain friends despite hitting our maximum stress index.

4. Michael went on his annual trip to St. George with the Provo High girls softball team as the official stats man at their tournament. This job always leaves us scratching our heads as he has no ties nor allegiance to Provo High, just a good friend who happens to be the coach.

5. I am almost one week gluten free and I am hating every minute of it. I am not sure how long I can last. And though they make plenty of gluten free bread products, the calories are double and triple normal wheat based products. Oddly, I miss Wheat Thins the most. 

6. Will ate an entire bag of Crystal Light sugar free candy. A couple of hours later, he doubled over in aspertame stomach cramps. Don't fall for that sugar-free is healthier business! Also, who eats an entire bag in one sitting? Unless we are talking chocolate, I just don't get it.

7. Grandma Tomi is living with the Cook kids while their parents are in Hawaii taking care of business. Our basement feels empty and cold while she is gone (not just a metaphor-it's cold because I shut all the heater vents).

8. And finally, daylight savings begins tonight and I am just putting it out there that I don't do this "spring forward" thing very well. I barely get enough sleep as it is, and losing an hour just about kills me. So, tread softly this week, by next Sunday I should be fine.

Have a wonderful Sabbath.