Monday, March 11, 2013

Sunday Food, Sunday Family.

My sister Kathleen came to visit from Washington state. 
She has 3 kids attending college in the valley 
and popped in for the weekend. 
We were happy to add her to the Sunday dinner mix. 
She managed to attend both my ward and Angie's
where Angie gave a most excellent talk.
Everybody rearranged their church schedules so that we could spend the day together before she headed back.
It was worth it.  
Kath and Lindsey...

Janis brought Root Beer and dry ice...

Which one looks happier about their picture being taken?

 Kyle and his favorite uncle Steve....

And here are the desserts that I couldn't partake of...
Janis's chocolate dipped Oreo's

And Kathleen's Mississippi Mud.

But I did make those gluten free Peanut Butter cookies
They were truly fabulous.

Life is good.
Thanks for the visit Kath.
We love you.