Saturday, April 5, 2014

A Look Back.

This week I kind of became a 
mom of young kids again. 
With my friend's 7 month old in the hospital all week with Pneumonia, 
I gladly claimed temporary ownership of her sweet little girls. 
We had the greatest time! 
We played and played and played.
Each day when they went home I collapsed into a semi-comatose exhaustion.
In the midst of it all I had a couple of epiphanies.

Epiphany #1: I am old.
Even though I was pretty good at keeping up, it kicked my tail at the end of the day. 
I slept hard.
But every morning I was excited to do it again.
Epiphany #2: I was pretty crazy, 
or pretty awesome, 
to have 5 kids in 8 years. 
Seriously, how did I do it?
This means at one point I had 5 kids, 
8 years old and younger.
It's a miracle we all survived ;)

And I remember when all those well meaning "old" moms would look at me 
struggling with my little army and say,
"Enjoy every moment while they're young, it will be gone before you know it." 
 I would think to myself,"Enjoy this? Yeah right."
I'm here to say it's true.

And so, as I look at my every growing teenagers-
I can't help but think how fast time has flown.
And how quickly this time that seems so challenging right now will be gone.
And I assure myself over and over that 
I will miss it one day.

But until that day...