Saturday, April 12, 2014

Goblin Valley.

Day Two of our Spring Break adventure
 was spent at Goblin Valley.  
 It's called Goblin Valley because apparently these little creations look like goblins...
I don't really see it but I will go along with the crowd on that one  
(they look more like mushrooms to me but "Mushroom Valley" probably wouldn't have the same tourist appeal- am I right?).

We turned the children loose 
and they disappeared immediately.
It's like the greatest playground ever created.

Elijah and Kyle just climbed straight up (duh).
Will weaved in and out, and up and down,

pausing to pose for pictures every once in awhile.

And really, there is little something for everyone!

Seriously, nature is absolutely awesome.

And so, our mini-road trip was 
exactly what we hoped it would be:
Great fun,
with a little adventure thrown in,
and lot's of love.

Happy Spring !