Saturday, April 26, 2014

The End. A post about finishing the Book of Mormon again as a family.

As I have been pondering what that means, I am feeling a little emotional.
Not because we have amazing scripture reading sessions together, because most of the time,
it's kind of the opposite :)
But to me, that's where the power is.
I have been thinking a lot about faith lately.
I remember as a youth and a teenager not having a lot of it.
And I prayed for it.
I prayed haphazardly for a testimony of the Book of Mormon, and of Joseph Smith.
I felt nothing. It didn't really bother me too much-it just wasn't there.
As I have thought lately about why I never received an immediate response when I asked for it,
the answer is kind of obvious.
The thing I value most right now in my life is my relationship with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.
It's powerful and life sustaining. It fuels me with hope and strength and the desire to endure.
But I worked for that relationship.
Lots of tears and pleading in dark moments.
And lots of joy as light has filled those dark voids.
And now that testimony is priceless to me.
What value would there be in it if I hadn't had to struggle?
What is easily given, is rarely treasured.
And so, reading the Book of Mormon as a family has been as much of a trial as it has been a joy.
But for all of it's challenges, we have had many sweet moments discussing its truths and our struggles to live in world where so many jump at the chance to ridicule and criticize it.
My heart pounds as I think about how much I love The Book of Mormon.
And I am grateful that it comes so easily now.

Moroni 10:4