Friday, May 24, 2013

Fifth Grade Spirit Week.

Oh, the last days of elementary school.
So little to do that you wonder why they can't just end right after testing.
However, for the kids, these days are probably the most fun of the whole year.
No stress, no homework.
This week was spirit week for the fifth graders.
Each day had a theme, and each day Will obliged.

Monday- teacher student swap day.

 Though I have never seen a male teacher at our school in a white shirt and tie, it's the only way to get the message across I guess...

Tuesday-favorite book character.

 It appears that the only difference between a  male teacher and  Harry Potter is a cloak and glasses...

Wednesday- Dress like your brother day.
 I jest.
It's actually Nerd Day.

 Will looks just a little too comfortable in this role :)

Thursday- favorite movie character.
Life of Pi's Richard Parker, obviously! 

Friday-Royalty Day.
 There is some serious snootiness going on here....

And so, this ends the week before the last week of school.
Ready or not, summer is here.