Friday, May 3, 2013

Life In a Snapshot.


Freshly home from BYU-I, she is  now officially employed at Subway.  Though we certainly enjoy our share of Subway's offerings, it's kind of sad she can't put all that ice cream scooping talent to good use.
She is attending a singles ward and seems to be unphased by all of the cliche' goings on. It helps that half of our  
former bishopric now shepherds that singles ward.
We are thoroughly enjoying having this fangirl around again.


Just finished Lacrosse season, where she was a force to be reckoned with... As someone on the sidelines said about her: "She's a game changer!" She certainly leaves everything on that field -so proud of her. 

She is just about ready for Prom tomorrow night...if only we could find shoes!!!! Uhg.

The same week she won her election, she had a little scrape in the parking lot, which left the truck looking like this:

She also has a summer job, working at Provo Beach Resort.


Elijah had found his inner Lacrosse player. He's caught the same vision of Lacrosse as his sister. They both have invested a great deal of time and energy into the sport. He will be playing in a tournament today in Pocatello.

He finished his State Pantomime competition with straight Superiors. We are not sure where his theater talents will take him next year-that remains to be seen.

Elijah has a summer job as well, working for Seven Peaks. Let's hope he hangs on to his retainer for awhile so he can actually enjoy his earnings this time around. :)


Hannah is now sharing her bedroom with the newly returned college daughter. She is awesome like that.

As the first year of middle school comes to an end, I have to say she adjusted quite well and has the grades to prove it.

She keeps herself busy spending alot of time with her friends and has just been asked by her band teacher to audition for the symphonic orchestra next year. Maybe the clarinet is her thing....

Hannah does not  have a summer job and therefore will get to spend lots of time doing fun jobs around the house!

Just about everything extra curricular Will had going on, and believe me it was alot, has now come to an end. Choir, cello, chess and Freedom Leaders is now over for the year. In all is new found free time, he has renewed his passion for reading and is now devouring the Warrior Cat book series...he is literally reading one a day.
He just finished all requirements to earn his Webleos badge as well as his Arrow of Light. I can't believe he will be 11 this month.

Will's summer job is the usual: spend as much time outside with the little pack of neighborhood boys.

And so, there you have it. The proverbial plates are spinning in the air and we are doing our best to keep them up there. 
However, we seem to be sweeping up pieces continually.

And that's okay.