Friday, May 31, 2013

Jam packed Thursday.

Yesterday was a big day in all kinds of ways. 

Last day of school. 
Dance festival. 
Cody's mission call. 

Very big. 

Here's a taste of the day's happenings:
Will and his awesome teacher, Miss Boone.

He and Jonathon waiting for the dance of the 5th graders...

...which ended like this.
See how my camera focused on the head in the foreground and blurred the rest? Awesome.

Will got a birthday hug from a proud sister...

...and we made a final visit to Will's newly hatched chicken, Leroy Chickalicious.

And finally, we trekked to Salt Lake, to witness Cody opening his mission call, to...Lubbock, Texas, Spanish speaking (another blurry shot).

 On the way home, Will's last birthday wish of the day was to sit on top of his friend, Sinclair, for a photo-op. We obliged.

And now, on to Friday....