Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Once upon a time we had an amazing dog...

...his name was Buddha.
 We loved him so much that we could hardly remember life before him.
Our world practically revolved around him.
He was almost perfect in every way. Then he passed away.
It was kind of traumatic for our devoted family. 
 We couldn't imagine ever replacing him. 
And so we didn't.
But 5 years later we are kind of dog-hungry.
And so we are looking.

However, we have one family member who is holding out.
He remembers how children have big desires but little follow-through.
And that walking the dog soon becomes more of a chore and less of a thrill.
And so he asked for a contract.
One that commits dog owning children to have some responsibility.
Will eagerly drew one up .

It eventually was signed by all but one child.
Grandma Tomi is negotiating to take over his responsibilities :)

I only worry that a new dog will have big shoes to fill.
Buddha is legendary in our home.
Wish us luck.