Wednesday, May 8, 2013

One Night, Three Awards.

The girls Lacrosse season ended with a bang. 
Well, really with a bang-quet where
last night they celebrated big.
It was a tough season, leaving lots of room to grow.
Next year, senior year for alot of the players, 
promises to be a great one.

Beth grew a lot this year as a player. She was fierce and competitive, something we have seen hints of in past seasons, 
but out in full force this one.

Last night she earned a few awards:
From her team captains, she earned "The Beast" award in reference to her accidently breaking the nose of an opposing team player (fierce I tell you). 

From her coaches she earned the team's"Best Defender."

And regionally, she earned an award for being one of the region's top 10 best defenders. 

Way to go Beth!
An amazing season for an amazing girl.

Here's to next year.