Wednesday, November 16, 2016


When Randy texted us the news that he was engaged, 
you should have seen the flurry of excitement.
Well, I guess "heard" is the right word-- as the texts flew back and forth in rapid fire. Amidst all of those texts, he assured us that the wedding would be skyped live from Istanbul for us, 
unless we wanted to come in person (ha ha! wink wink!) 
I think no one was more surprised/shocked than him when my parents announced they had purchased their tickets to Turkey. 
Say what?
And so, one by one, in rapid succession without a whole lot of thought, all of the siblings that could, purchased their own tickets too. Yikes.
It wasn't until the dust settled a little, that we began to think about what we had done. 
Turkey borders Iraq. Iran.Syria. 
All major hot spots in world events...ISIS country. Yowza. 
However, there was just no room, nor time for regret--
we were just so excited. 
Well, until the state department issued that pesky little travel advisory to all U.S. citizens...that gave us some momentary pause for thought-- but since tickets were purchased, and Randy and Bahar assured us that all would be well, we just closed our eyes and jumped.

And it was awesome.

Day One was an excellent beginning to a fantastic trip!