Friday, November 18, 2016

Princes Island.

The day after the wedding we were on our own. 
Randy and Bahar were taking one personal day together
 and then would be our tour guides for the rest of the trip. 
Kind of nice of them wouldn't you say? 
And so, with Ashley at the helm, planning and arranging with our hotel manager, 
we ended up booking a Princes Island tour day with a guide, sight unseen. 
We were a little bit nervous to jump in a van with a driver who did not speak English, 
and trust that he was taking us to our tour guide at the Ferry port.
Then, we had to trust that the tour guide was on the up and up and that we wouldn't end up stranded somewhere...yes, that first day on our own, we were a tiny bit skittish.
Because honestly, as Americans, we stuck out like sore thumbs, 
and we had not yet determined whether that was a good or bad thing.
 But hey, it just couldn't have worked out better. 
Our tour guide was awesome, and the island was soooo beautiful. 
 AND we made it home without incident. 
Yay for us. 
So many times we were told, "Thank you for coming! We haven't seen Americans for a loooong time."
By the end of that day, we were starting to feel much more at ease.

This particular island was made up largely of summer homes. Some were beautiful and some were abandoned and dilapidated. The rule of thumb was no cars except for the garbage truck and the ambulance. Everyone else rode bicycles and electric scooters.
Horse and carriage rides were the main attraction for visitors and there were plenty of them :) And really, there was only two things to do on the island after the tour : eat and shop. 
And we did plenty of both.

 Our lovely carriage...

 Restaurants and shops...the mainstay of this little community.

 Lots and lots of shopping...

Love these two :)

 Obligatory ferry dock picture...

 Angie showing her true American courage by wearing her Canadian t-shirt to fool the haters...

And probably the highlight of the island adventure was this little treat. The only way to describe them is that they are crunchy, honey glazed versions of Krispy Kremes... 

Somebody the slept the whole ferry ride home :)

And so, a bunch of bumbling, naive Americans, survived a day on their own and had so much fun doing it!!!