Friday, November 25, 2016

The Wrap-Up.

 I am ready to be done posting about Turkey--not because I don't love hanging around in the memories of that trip, but because there are other things worth posting about, and so-- I am wrapping it up. In no particular order, here are some final things that I loved about my trip to Istanbul.

I loved seeing Randy so involved in the culture of Turkey. He knows its history, he has learned the language, and is passionate about sharing both.

But Bahar was Randy on steroids so to speak...
She combined her historical knowledge with a great passion for its future-which right now means a huge concern and dislike for the current president of Turkey. Hmmm.
Lots of great conversations with her about politics, people, culture, food, etc.

I loved being away from home on election day.
The number one topic with everyone we met was the American presidential elections.
It was good not to be there for the mayhem that followed the election results.
Enough said.

I loved getting to know Bahar. It could seem that a few days might not be enough time to really get to know somebody, but Bahar was an open book. It was like she just opened up her arms and swooped us right in. She is warm and friendly- funny and smart--kind and caring--and most importantly, super devoted to my brother :) 
We all fell in love with her immediately.

I loved eating Mediterranean breakfasts. I know I am probably alone on this one
but they so reminded me of my days in Jerusalem. 
Cucumbers and tomatoes were our go-to breakfast meal. :)

Picture quality is super poor but it speaks volumes.
We found this magazine at a grocery store a couple of days before the election-
it says: "The Next President: Script of a Tragedy."

I LOVED traveling abroad again. Once upon a time I did that many times.
 I thought those days were over because as a mom, I'm a big chicken. But this was life changing. 
I loved being immersed in another culture, another way of life. 
I loved getting out of my bubble for a little while. 
It was good for the soul.

I LOVED the Baklava. Randy took us to his favorite place.
 It was so good it practically melted in your mouth.
This particular piece was Randy's. It was cut into a wedge, and then ice cream was sandwiched in the middle. Wow. Don't let the green fool you- those are pistachios, not vegetables :)

And finally, I loved hanging out with these people 24/7 for a week. We just don't get to do that much anymore. We have lots of new shared memories and you just can't put a price on those. (I sure would like to share some of our sisterly night time adventures, but those will just have to be passed around the dinner table).

So, the Turkish adventures end on the blog today, 
but really, for our family, they are just beginning.