Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Lights, Camera, Action.

While we were in Istanbul, we happened to venture by two film shoots. One involved a beautifully restored 1965 Mustang which happens to be my most favorite car in the whole world. Sixteen year-old Randy happened to total my (and Kathleen's) 1965 Mustang when we left it at home from college one year so it would be "safer." So much for that idea, but I digress. 
(You can tell I'm over it, right?)  
Anywho- the other film shoot was right across the street from our hotel. Bahar said that she saw two of Turkey's most famous actors in the crowd of cameras and mayhem. 
Ha! All that to say, Istanbul is kind of famous for it location shots, and we got to experience one up close and personal. 

If you have seen this movie

and this movie, 

you will probably revel right along with me-
because we spent a good chunk of time right where those scenes were shot:

The Grand Bazaar.
I have actually seen neither of those movies but still---

We thankfully were not riding motorcycles nor looking for lost children--just shopping. Lots and lots of shopping.

 It was a super fun experience if you can get used to the barrage of hopeful salesmen. It's kind of like shopping at RC Willey....those pesky sales floor guys just keep on you all the time, right?
But WAY more fun. We exhausted ourselves walking the endless maze of shops. We got smart and divided in to teams to lessen our chances of being taken (no pun intended!) by the crafty shop owners in their enthusiasm to sell to Americans.

Team Bahar: 

 Bahar's abilities included sincerity and kindness as she bargained with shop owners who were eager to make a few sales with the beautiful American women. She had compassion because she understood that the lack of tourism lately meant they were a little more desperate. One day I will do a whole post on Bahar...

Team Randy:

 Randy was also kind but very shrewd and always let them know he was on to their schmoozing ways...I love when he shocked them as this tall American man who was fluent in Turkish. That usually brought huge smiles and a flurry of questions.
My mom is super excited because she actually abandoned Team Bahar to be with the winners...

Big, big day of fun, fun, fun.

 Candied mushrooms btw...

 More minarets anyone?

And finally, just for your viewing pleasure...