Thursday, November 24, 2016


I thought it would be super cool to end my Turkey posts on Turkey Day.
Not going to happen.
I have got a couple more in me, so....

Probably the most cool thing ever was to hop on a ferry from one continent, and in about 20 minutes, set foot upon another. Really the best and weirdest thing.
Istanbul is partly in Europe, and partly in Asia.
The thriving, metropolis side is in Europe while most people just live on the Asian side and commute to work and back. The traffic across the bridge can take hours.
Therefore, a quick ferry ride is definitely the way to go and we did just that.
Once our feet were on solid ground, it became obvious that dividing into teams needed to happen again. I stuck with Team Randy because they were "walk for a few minutes, then rest for a few minutes" kind of people. Resting meant sometimes in indulging in Randy's favorite Turkish drink, Sahlep. It quickly became my favorite too. So, yes, Team Randy :)
The shops were less touristy and more "real" shopping...
We found a street of just antique shops that was lovely.
In one of those shops I found the ultimate antique: A Donny Osmond Album. Sweet!
After patiently waiting for Team Bahar to finish their marathon-like shopping spree,
Randy and Bahar took us to one of their favorite restaurants specializing in Turkish cuisine. 
It was heavenly and once again no pictures. Winner.
Seriously, the day was fabulous. 
I know I keep saying that about every day but it's true. Every. Single. Day.
Happiness every minute. 
Happy Turkey Day Ya'll.

 My feet on Asian soil (so to speak)
Yep, those puppies are size 11.

Typical street scene- never a dull moment.

Sahlep deliciousness....

 Always a good rule of thumb...

 Yep- proof he's an international phenom :)

Ferry ride with siblings...

 A very artsy street- pretty sure I was not cool enough to walk down it.

 My only picture from the restaurant--Thyme Tea at the end of the meal.

And just because you might need proof- cats still rule on the Asian side.

Best tour guide ever. 

Another great day. 
Here's to hoping I can wrap up it all up tomorrow.